Program at a Glance

Program at a Glance


Time Room 1 Room 2
Wednesday, January 19
10:30 am – 05:30 pm Registration
01:00 pm – 02:00 pm Opening Ceremony & Plenary Talk
02:00 pm – 02:30 pm Coffee Break
02:30 pm – 04:00 pm O1 : Communication and IoT1 Poster 1
04:00 pm – 04:30 pm Coffee Break
04:30 pm – 06:00 pm O2 : Communication and IoT2 O3 : Computer and Network      Security
Time Room 1 Room 2
Thursday, January 20
10:30 am – 12:00 pm Workshop 1 O4 : Control and Intelligent System
12:00 pm – 01:00 pm Lunch
01:00 pm – 02:30 pm Workshop 2 O5 : Green Information Technology
02:30 pm – 03:00 pm Coffee Break
03:00 pm – 04:00 pm Plenary Talk 2
04:00 pm – 04:30 pm Coffee Break
04:30 pm – 06:00 pm O6 : Multimedia and Signal Processing O7 : SW/HW Design, Architecture & Development
Time Room 1 Room 2
Friday, January 21
10:30 am –12:00 pm Birds of a Feather Session


Wednesday, January 19


Wednesday, January 19 1:00 – 2:00

Opening Ceremony & Plenary Talk | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Wednesday, January 19 2:00 – 2:30

Coffee Break | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Wednesday, January 19 2:30 – 4:00

<Oral 1> Communication and IoT 1 | Room 1 | Chair: Young-Hoon Park

Map-Matching-Based Trace Estimation for Ecological Surveys of Wild Animals

Michiki Hara, Kaito Eda, Akihito Taya, Daisuke Shimotoku, Yoshito Tobe and Hiroki Kobayashi

Implementing Network Access Control (NAC) Using Computer Network

Qamar Abbas

Skew Estimation for V2X Networks

Usman Hashmi, Muntazir Hussain, Fahad Bin Muslim, Kashif Inayat and Seong Oun Hwang

Secure Massive Multiple in Multiple Out (MIMO) Network

Sadaf Abbasi, Usman Hashmi, Muntazir Hussain, Dawood Khan, Fahad Bin Muslim and Kashif Inayat

IoT Based Fire Alarm Navigation System Using GPS and GSM Modules

Asia Mumtaz, Ibtisam Ehsan and Syed Ihtisham Mehdi


<P> Poster | Room 2

Performance and Real-Time Analysis of Deep Neural Networks Based Automatic Smart Traffic Management System

Muhammad Asfand Hafeez, Seong Oun Hwang and Wai Kong Lee

Digital Energy Prosumer Platform Promotion Status and Revenue Model

Se-Hwan Park and Wan-Ki Park

Enhancement of 3D Instance Segmentation Using Point Based Rendering

Siddiqui Muhammad Yasir and Hyunsik Ahn

PNet: Deep Learning Approach for Pashto Handwritten Characters Classification

Hyunsik Ahn and Muhammad Sadiq Amin

Direction Finding of ESPAR Antenna Based on Beam Scanning Method for IoT Sensor Network

Md. Moklesur Rahman and Heung-Gyoon Ryu

Performance Analysis and Comparison of Distributed Training Strategies for Deep Learning

Eun-Sung Jung and Hassam Tahir

A Smart Educational Direction of the AI and Neuroscience Subject in Biology and Chemistry

Seung Chang Park

Customer(Driver)-Specific Height Recognition System for User Convenience of Drive-Thru Store Touch Panel

YongSoo Choi

An Efficient ECG Data Analysis and Management Scheme Using CNN and Residual Block Structure

Moon-Sik Kang, Kyeong-Nam Ko and Seungcheon Kim

Deep Learning Based Dynamic Taint Analysis Framework of Binary Program

Kwangman Ko, Young-Hoon Park and Jee-Hyun Koo

Privacy-Preserving Genome Data Management Scheme Using Local Differential Privacy

Young-Hoon Park and Kwangman Ko

Comparison of Deep Learning Models for Judging Business Card Image Rotation

Yoon HyeWon, Kim Eunkyeoung, Seongbae Eun, Shin Cha and Jung ByungWan

Cloud-Based Smart Building Management System for Cost Efficiency

JinGyu Park and Duckki Lee

An Optimal Sizing Strategy of User-Side Battery Energy Storage System Considering Uncertainty On-Demand and Generation in the Energy Community

Hyuna Kang, Jinwoo Choi, Seunghoon Jung, Hakpyeong Kim and Taehoon Hong


Wednesday, January 19 4:00 – 4:30

Coffee Break | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Wednesday, January 19 4:30 – 6:00

<Oral 2> Communication and IoT 2 | Room 1

Technology and Interactivity in EFL Learning Model During Pandemic COVID-19

Kiky Soraya

IoT Integrated Fire Prevention and Alert Systems for Garments Industries in Bangladesh

Mohammad Rezaul Karim

An Intelligent, Energy and Mobility-Aware Routing Protocol for Internet of Things

Muhammad Farhan Saleem and Muhammad Khalil Afzal

Energy-Aware and Congestion-Aware Routing Metric for Low Power and Lossy Networks

Rehmat Ullah, Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman, Dong-Hak Kim and Byung-Seo Kim

Enhanced Channel Access Mechanism for Future Wi-Fi Network

Rashid Ali, Abdul Rehman and Faisal Bashir Hussain


<Oral 3> Computer and Network Security | Room 2 | Chair: Dung The Le

Malicious OLE Image Object Hidden Abnormal MS-Office Digital File Detection Mechanism

Hyung-Woo Lee

Predictive Optimal Control Model for Smart Home Appliance Scheduling

Wafa Shafqat, Sehrish Malik, Kyutae Lee, Nam Sang-Yep and DoHyeun Kim

Secure Connectivity and Hop Count of Security-Aware Multi-Hop Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

Dung The Le

Cyber Security and Data Protection – Information Obfuscation in Mobile Devices

Hassan Azwar

Blockchain: Decentralization and CyberSecurity Risks

Hassan Azwar


Thursday, January 20


Thursday, January 20 10:30 – 12:00

<Oral 4> Control and Intelligent System | Room 2 | Chair: Moon-Sik Kang

Education-Based Big Data and Artificial Intelligent

Gilbert M. Tumibay and Jinhong(Alexis) Kim

Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms for Breast Cancer Prediction

Samiya Qanoune and Hassan Ammor

Underwater Autonomous Diver Gesture Detection System for Communication Between AUV and Human Diver

Shrutika Sinha, Sun-Ho Yum, Jinyoung Lee, Soo-Hyun Park

Development of a Credit Default Model Using R and Neural Network

Prashant Ubarhande and Arti Chandani

A Study of Control Mechanism Based on OCF Connectivity in Smart Home

Anam Nawaz Khan, Rashid Ahmad, Atif Rizwan, Naeem Iqbal, HeeDong Park, KyungNam Park and DoHyeun Kim

A Self-Diagnosis System for Measurement of Facial Skin Condition Using Smartphone

Xia Jiun Lau, JIn Hoon, Yong-Gyu Jung, Jae Kang Won and Jeung Sun Lee


<W1> Workshop 1 | Room 1 | Chair: Byung-Seo Kim

A Speed and Cosine Similarity-Based Clustering for QoS Routing Protocol in Distributed Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Yushintia Pramitarini, Thong Nhat Tran, Kyusung Shim, Ahmad Wilda Yulianto and Beongku An

Lightweight Deep Learning Model for Road Pothole Detection

Hassam Tahir, Jinwook Choi and Eun-Sung Jung

Consumer Mobility Management in Named Data Wireless Mobile AdHoc Networks

Sana Fayyaz, Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman, Dong-Hak Kim and Byung-Seo Kim

Applied Practice on the Guide Code Generation Based on Model Driven Development for Developing Huge Systems on Distribute Environments

Sejun Jung, So Young Moon and Robert Youngchul Kim

A Deep Learning Design for Spectral Efficiency Maximization in Multi-IRS-Aided Massive MIMO Systems

Ridho Hendra Yoga Perdana, Toan-Van Nguyen and Beongku An


Thursday, January 20 12:00 – 1:00

Lunch | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Thursday, January 20 1:00 – 2:30

<Oral 5> Green Information Technology | Room 2

Systematic Benchmarking/Profiling Approaches to Improve I/O Performance of GloSea

Hassan Asghar, Soo-Hyuck Choe, Jinwook Choi and Eun-Sung Jung

User Activity Recognition and Modeling for Energy Saving in Smart Homes

Wafa Shafqat, Kyutae Lee, Sehrish Malik and DoHyeun Kim

 Improving Weather Prediction Through Multimodal Deep Learning Optimization

Kyungkyu Ko and Eun-Sung Jung

IoT Based Cost-Effective Water Quality Monitoring System for Domestic Use

Moazzam Shah Bukhari Syed, Shahzad Memon and Sher Muhammad Bhurgri

Versatile Robot for Plantation and Water Distribution

Ayesha Waris, Muntazir Hussain, Usman Hashmi and Kashif Inayat


<W2> Workshop 2 | Room 1 | Chair: Eun-Sung Jung

Compression of ViT Models Using Heterogeneous Device

Jinwook Choi, Soo-Hyuck Choe and Eun-Sung Jung

PVAAS: A Cost-Efficient Computation Offloading Strategy for Information-Centric Vehicular Networks

Muhammad Salah Ud Din, Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman, Muhammad Imran, Sana Fayyaz and Byung-Seo Kim

Integrated Construction with Plug&Play Mechanism Based on Metamodel for Development Process

Woo Sung Jang, So Young Moon and Robert Youngchul Kim

QoS-Aware Secrecy Rate Improvement in RIS-Aided Wireless Network

Thong Nhat Tran, Kyusung Shim, Pham Minh Quang, Nam Sang-Yep and Beongku An

Best Practices on Improving Gas Consumption Through Simplifying Quality Complexity of Solidity Code for Smart Contracts in Distributed Network Environments

Janghwan Kim, Chan Sol Park, So Young Moon and Robert Youngchul Kim


Thursday, January 20 2:30 – 3:00

Coffee Break | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Thursday, January 20 3:00 – 4:00

<P2> Plenary Talk 2 | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Thursday, January 20 4:00 – 4:30

Coffee Break | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2


Thursday, January 20 4:30 – 6:00

<Oral 6> Multimedia and Signal Processing | Room 1

Learnable MIMO Detection Networks Based on GDM

Yihong Wang, Chao Dong and Kai Niu

A Capacity Controllable Reversible Data Hiding Technology for H.264/AVC Based on Compensational Code Mapping

Jinwoo Kang and Sang-ug Kang

Proposal of Inter – User Interference Cancellation Method for MIMO Systems with Two Nearby Users

Thu Phuong Nguyen and Pham Thanh Hiep

A Research Project Aimed at Removing Music from a Mixed Spoken and Music Signal

Su Yeong Park

 A Study of Multimedia Streaming Based on Context Awareness in Smart Home

Rashid Ahmad, Anam Nawaz Khan, Atif Rizwan, Naeem Iqbal, KyungNam Park, HeeDong Park and DoHyeun Kim


<Oral 7> SW/HW Design, Architecture & Development | Room 2

Analysis of gm3 Linearization by Self-Body-Biasing in RF CMOS PA

Gwanghyeon Jeong, Jeongheon Kim, Dongin Kang, Shin Cha and Seongbae Eun

Design of Telemedicine System Based on IoT and Android Application

Elgin Nataniel Pranoto and Junita Junita

The Plug&Play of Sensor/Actuator Modules in Raspberry-Pi

Sunghee Lee, Seongbae Eun, Shin Cha, Sun-Sup So, Gwanghyeon Jeong and Saehyeong Woo

Early Stopping Technique for Unsupervised Spiking Neural Networks

Myeongjin Kwak, Beomjun Kim, Donghui Lee and Yongtae Kim


Friday, January 21


Friday, January 21 10:30 – 12:00

B: Birds of a Feather | Rooms: Room 1, Room 2